Sunday, 5 December 2010


A male GREY HYPOCOLIUS was found at Cape Greco, Cyprus on Friday evening, 3rd December. It is still present today. It appears to be the most westerly record and first record for (new) Europe as well as for Cyprus. There appear to be influxes in the UAE, Bahrain and one record in Egypt on Friday. Maybe the current drought in western Arabia is causing a shortage of berries and the bird is behaving like a Waxwing, as its scientific name suggests.

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Colin Richardson, Bird Recorder, BirdLife Cyprus, P.O. Box 628938069, Paphos, Cyprus

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  1. There is a superb photograph of this bird taken by Christodoulos Makris at
    On the same site, also one of Sylvia nana, a rare Cyprus visitor. Yours is a most interesting web-site by the way! Thanks. Mike.