Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Wintering birds in the Urim area of ISRAEL

Yesterday, together with Francis Argyle we observed 10 SOCIABLE PLOVERS in the "regular" fields of the eastern side of Urim – Ze'elim road, north of the high voltage power line.

Today 10 Golden plovers west to Tal Or farm.
1 Broken wing Ad male White Pelican, probably hit that power line.

All together in the last two days around Urim

At least 4 ad Peregrine
1 Saker
1 ad Barbary
3 different ad males Pallid Harriers
4-5 Eastern Imperial eagles
Not less than 15 Merlins

5 Gadwalls in Holit reservoir (next to Tal Or farm)

400 Common Cranes

2 female Desert Wheatears
2 female Finch's Wheatears

Ohad Hatzofe, Avian Ecologist

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Spain.....or North America !

Several interesting birds in the same day in Spain. Today Spain still boasts the Belted Kingfisher in Albujón (Murcia), the Bonaparte's Gull in Tarragona harbour and the Bufflehead in Santander. See web page (http://www.reservoirbirds.com) for full details (Ferran López)

Friday, 8 January 2010

Escaped Fox Sparrow in Denmark

Scandinavia's first FOX SPARROW, but apparently also an escape, was seen and photographed during 5th-8th January 2010 at Præstevejen, Tversted, Nordjylland, in Denmark. The bird is most probably an escape bearing a metal ring and a lilac colored ring. Also, it is reportedly one of the western subspecies (Rolf Christensen)

Thursday, 7 January 2010


On 7 January, an immature drake BUFFLEHEAD was found and photographed at Marisma Blanca, Santander, Cantabria (Luis Eduardo Molina, Sheila García, Isaac Villaverde).

Nearctic Passerines still present

This gorgeous first-winter male BALTIMORE ORIOLE was still present in The Netherlands today (photographed superbly by Thomas Luijens above) attracting large numbers of observers, whilst the male DARK-EYED JUNCO remains in Norway.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Location of the Dutch BALTIMORE ORIOLE



For full details, map and further photographs taken by Fred of this beautiful first-winter male BALTIMORE ORIOLE visiting a garden for its third day, click on http://waarneming.nl/waarneming/view/45907624?lang=en&local=nl

Spanish BELTED KINGFISHER relocated

Just received news of the relocation yesterday and this morning of the BELTED KINGFISHER (Ceryle alcyon) seen from November-December 2009 at Mar Menor, Murcia, Spain. The bird has moved 15.39 km to the East into an area of irrigating ponds, where fishing seems more favourable in terms of cost/benefit according to local observers. Thanks to Antonio Jesús Hernández, a full set of directions, maps, including a Google Earth placemark for those interested in having a look to the area from home, plus a photograph from today are already available in Rare Birds in Spain website http://www.rarebirdspain.net either at news page (including also the summaryof latest sightings in the country in systematic order) or the special photopage from November 2009 updated with the new information.

Ricard Gutiérrez, Rare Birds in Spain, 10 years in-a-row informing on Rare Birds in Spain, http://www.rarebirdspain.net

Sunday, 3 January 2010

DANISH news for December 2009

Hereby December 2009 Danish Bird News,

The 4th calendar-year GLAUCOUS-WINGED GULL made a sudden reappearance at Århus Harbor, Østjylland, on 21st seen by four observers for 1½ minutes (video filmed) (5th WP record). The 3rd ever NORTH AMERICAN BLACK SCOTER reappeared off Læsø, Nordjylland, on 28th. The juvenile Gyr Falcon remained at BygholmVejle, Nordjylland all month.

Other December birds included one Little Egret, three Great White Egrets, one Black Brant, one Red-breasted Goose of unknown origin, one drake American Green-winged Teal, six Red-crested Pochards, one Common Sandpiper for it's 3rd winter in a row, one 1st winter Grey Phalarope, two adult Mediterranean Gulls, just two Glaucous Gulls, two Sandwich Terns, one wintering Eurasian Hoopoe and two Crested Larks remaining on several dates at Hirtshals, Nordjylland

Source: DOFbasen.dk