Tuesday, 31 August 2010

August 2010 Danish Bird News

Hereby August 2010 Danish bird news

The 15th Great Shearwater for Denmark was videofilmed off Kullen,Skåne, Sweden for an hour on 25th before being relocated at fourNordsjælland watchpoints from Gilleleje to Liseleje during 18:01 to20:45 hours when darkness set in. A dead raresummer British Storm-petrel was found far inland at Hjerl Hede,Vestjylland on 26th. A moulting adult Collared Pratincole was atMargrethekog, Sønderjylland on 14th before migrating south intoGermany. An adult female Thick-knee was at Borreby Mose, Vestsjællandduring 31st July to 2nd August. A moulting adult Red-necked Stint wasat Skagen, Nordjylland for just two hours on 11th - it was only the 2ndDanish record. A putative adult Semipalmated Sandpiper wasphotographed at BygholmVejle, Nordjylland during 16th-18th (3rd record). An adult TerekSandpiper was near Stege, Møn on 8th. The 1st Glaucous-winged Gull,still 5th cal, returned to winter at Århus Harbor, Østjylland on 27th- will it be twitchable there for the next seven months to thebenefit of WP listers? The first Roller foreight years, a moulting adult, was at Grødby, Bornholm during18th-20th before being relocated far north inland near Värnamo,Småland, Sweden on 21st. The first Alpine Swift for eight years wasnear Hundested, Nordsjælland briefly on two occations on 22nd.

Also August records included the summering/escaped adult Red-breasted Goose still at Margrethekog, Sønderjylland, four Red-crested Pochardsat the sole breeding site at Maribosøerne, Lolland, one adult andthree hybrid Ferruginous Ducks (perhaps all returning birds) atMaribosøerne, Lolland, a perhaps escaped eclipse drake Buffleheadagain at Gurresø, Nordsjælland on 27th-28th (following 3 or 4 records now,the species is still not on the Danish list), up to five BalearicShearwaters at Skagen, Nordjylland during 2th-9th and 26th, eightGreat White Egrets, two Little Egrets, just two Black Storks, twoLesser Spotted Eagles, five Great Snipes, just six Long-tailed Skuas,just two (adult) Sabine's Gulls, two adult Gull-billed Terns, sevenWhite-winged Black Terns, 11 Baltic Gulls, three Hoopoes, just threeBee-eaters, up to five Crested Larks at Hirtshals, Nordjyllandfollowing a surprice breeding there (on 29th) along with an adult atRønne, Bornholm during 15th-22nd, the summering, moulting adultShort-toed Lark still at Harboør Tange, Vestjylland during 3rd-15th, avery early Red-throated Pipit past Grødby, Bornholm on 19th followedby one on 31st, foursinging Savi's Warblers, just two Barred Warblers, one Red-breastedFlycatcher and just three Ortolan Buntings.

Source: DOFbasen.dk

Sunday, 29 August 2010


On 11.8.2010 Norfolk birders John & Jane Hopkins photographed a small gannet off Estepona which has turned up to be the 1st RED-FOOTED BOOBY for Spain (and probablyEurope). The full story with the photos are online at Rare Birds in Spainsite here:

http://www.rarebirdspain.net/arbsi035.htm . This record hasalready been submitted to the Spanish Rarities Committee.

This area of the extreme SW Mediterreanean is oceanographically consideredto be in fact part of the Atlantic (even having a breeding colony of Cory’s Shearwaters! (Calonectris [diomedea] borealis)!) so in my opinion that fact may have some influence in the observation of these extralimital vagrants.

All the best Ricard Gutiérrez


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Wednesday, 11 August 2010


This evening, Wednesday 11th August 2010, I found the 2nd ever RED-NECKED STINT (Calidris ruficollis) for Denmark at Grenen, Skagen, Nordjylland. The bird was photographed and seen by 13 birders during 19:31 to 21:49 hours before we left it in the dark.

The first for Denmark was at Kammerslusen, Ribe, Vestjylland during 30th July to 2nd August 2001.

See photos here: http://www.netfugl.dk/pictures.php?id=showpicture&picture_id=35201

Today's summer plumaged adult could behaps be relocated in the firstmorning light at 04:45 hours?

Rolf Christensen

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Danish Bird News for July 2010

Hereby July 2010 Danish Bird News.

The 1st summer White-crowned Black Wheatear, a Scandinavian first, was at Saltbæk Vig, Vestsjælland during 30th June to 3rd July and was twitched by some 400 birders. Denmark's 2nd White-throated Sparrow, a singing male, was at Skørping, Nordjylland during 20th June to 18th July (this town also hosted the country's sole Dark-eyed Junco, in December 1980).

The 4th Bufflehead (again a category D bird?), a drake, was at Gurresø, Nordsjælland during 28th June to 5th July. The summering 2nd calendar Gyr Falcon was still at Bygholm Vejle, Nordjylland on 3rd-20th (the first Danish summer record). An adult Stone Curlew was at Grærup Langsø, Vestjylland on 5th, and another, an adult, was at Borreby Mose,Vestsjælland from 31st onwards. A perhaps returning adult Terek Sandpiper was at Saltvandssøen, Sønderjylland on 8th. A summering Greater Short-toed Lark was at Harboøre Tange, Vestjylland on 21st-27th (2nd Danish summer record). A Lesser Grey Shrike was at Try Enge, Nordjylland on 5th.

Other July birds include a summering Red-breasted Goose atSaltvandssøen, Sønderjylland during 12th-31st, a drake North American Green-winged Teal, three Red-crested Pochards at the Lolland breeding site, a female Ruddy Duck, a summer plumage Great Northern Diver attempting to migrate inland at Køge, Sydsjælland on 23rd, one adult Black Stork, two Little Egrets, eight Great White Egrets, one adult Pacific Golden Plover, four Pectoral Sandpipers, a very early 1st cal Great Snipe photographed at Vestamager, Copenhagen on 27th, one Buff-breasted Sandpiper, 10 Baltic Gulls, just three adult Gull-billed Terns, five White-winged Black Terns, one Hoopoe, one European Bee-eater, one remaining Crested Lark at Hirtshals was follow by a surprice breeding pair with one juvenile from 28th onwards (a result of the late spring influx?), five singing Savi's Warblers, two River Warblers, a Greenish/Green Warbler ringed at Blåvands Huk, Vestjyllandon 17th and 19th and one Nutcracker (DK500Club, ornitolog, Rolf Christensen)

Monday, 2 August 2010


The PALLAS'S SANDGROUSE is still present at Askola, near Lappeneenranta (EASTERN FINLAND) this morning, showing fairly distantly (per Chris Batty, Andy Clifton, Mick Frosdick and Will Soar)