Friday, 30 July 2010

PALLAS'S SANDGROUSE - special viewing arrangements

As Janne Aalte wrote the PALLAS'S SANDGROUSE may remain elusive inside higher vegetation. To give the bird enough time for rest and at the same time allow twitchers (incl. foreigners) to see it, the Finnish Twitcher's Association (Bongariliitto) has decided that the area of higher vegetation at the top of the Toikansuo hill may be searched once a day at 10 am (Finnish time) IF the bird has not been located earlier the same morning.

This rule is biding for all members of Bongariliitto and naturally also foreign twitcher's are requested to obey this rule.

Good luck to all of you making an attempt from abroad! The bird is a real gem and one of my dream species (like of many others).

Best regards, Martin Helin, Finland

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