Saturday, 3 April 2010


Today at 12:52 hours mr. Andreas Bruun Kristensen from the Danish RaritiesCommittee, along with Ib Jensen og Morten Kofoed Hansen ("Team Cheferne ifelten"), discovered a Eurasian Black Vulture *Aegypius monachus* near the Cheminova plant at Harboøre Tange near Lemvig, Vestjylland, Denmark. The bird was sitting at times during easterly winds. Also a migrating Red Kite and Osprey were seen.

The Black Vulture had a white bleached feather in the middle of the left wing. So far I have received no other information on the bird's plumage, nor if it is wearing rings.

Surely, the same bird, descibed as an adult, was seen on 24th March in the NE Netherlands

The bird is perhaps the now infamous "Thécla" released in the French Alps on 8th December 2008

This could be a new bird for Denmark, but apparently such records only make it to category E as most of our Lammegeiers. Another Danish record of a sure escape was one at various Vestjylland sites during 17th August to 13th September 1974.

Rolf Christensen

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