Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Wintering birds in the Urim area of ISRAEL

Yesterday, together with Francis Argyle we observed 10 SOCIABLE PLOVERS in the "regular" fields of the eastern side of Urim – Ze'elim road, north of the high voltage power line.

Today 10 Golden plovers west to Tal Or farm.
1 Broken wing Ad male White Pelican, probably hit that power line.

All together in the last two days around Urim

At least 4 ad Peregrine
1 Saker
1 ad Barbary
3 different ad males Pallid Harriers
4-5 Eastern Imperial eagles
Not less than 15 Merlins

5 Gadwalls in Holit reservoir (next to Tal Or farm)

400 Common Cranes

2 female Desert Wheatears
2 female Finch's Wheatears

Ohad Hatzofe, Avian Ecologist

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